Welcome to Tierra Blooms, the little flower business owned by farmer Jackie Coldsmith.  It is in flower farming that I've found my passion, in the roundabout way that most people do.  Twenty-something travels to Latin America gave me a deep appreciation of the earth and those that live and work it, leading to studies in Environmental Science and work on an organic farm.  This work and study lead me to create my own farm in Taneytown, MD, where I grew organic vegetables, plants and flowers for 10 years.  It was then that I discovered my passion for flowers and I decided to make the full switch to cut flowers in 2015.  Cut flower farming is a perfect fit for myself and our family of 4, and I bring to it a love rooted in growing plants, caring for the earth, and pursuing beauty.

Tierra (Spanish, noun): earth, land, soil  Blooms (noun): a flower or the condition of having flowers, (verb):  (of a plant or tree) to produce flowers or (of a flower) to open or be open