Winter on the Farm

I'm hunkered down in the thick of winter enjoying my planning and organizing, but still longing for the flowers of the 2018 growing season.  Particularly my favorite, ranunculus, which I've just planted about 1,000 of in the greenhouse.


The goal is to get buckets upon buckets of these beauties for a month starting in mid April.  They're the perfect wedding flower; rose-like, but better, with many overlapping petals.  They are really a wonderful flower for any purpose.


I first start with prepping the beds.  We have 4 in our greenhouse and prep consists of clearing the debris out, giving the beds a thick layer of compost, tilling, and raking.  I then mark the rows, 5 per bed, and plant the presprouted corms 6 inches apart staggered in the rows.

Pre-sprouted ranunculus corm

Pre-sprouted ranunculus corm

Now it's time to wait for these to grow and flourish.  We'll be adding heat, hopefully next week, to get things going faster for these little guys.  Our seed starting will also begin next week, so our season will slowly get cranking. 


I'm so looking forward to the beauty this season will bring!  Even though Phil saw his shadow today, I know there is the promise of so many flowers come April.  Until then I'll get my flower fix by offering Valentines Flowers sourced from flower farms in the US.  Be sure to pre-order flowers for pick up at our Pop Up Shop at Jeannie Bird Baking Co. in Westminster.