Why Buy Local Flowers?

By choosing to purchase flowers from us, you are getting the freshest blooms in a range of varieties and colors that you won’t find at an average store or florist.  I mean, I buy flowers occasionally in the winter and I NEVER see lisianthus, dahlias, zinnias, and the myriad of other varieties that we grow (over 100!).  Yes, the varieties are fleeting; we don’t have dahlias in the spring or lisanthus in June.  But that’s part of the charm, isn’t it?  Seasonal diversity, and it’s all beautiful.

Liza with her lisianthus

Liza with her lisianthus

This might be the obvious reason to seek out our flowers.  There are also some other factors that you may not have thought about when buying from Tierra Blooms.

We are a tiny farm in Taneytown that grows lots of flowers on a little bit of land.  Our total farm is just under 4 acres, but the soil we cultivate is ½ acre.  We tread gently on the earth, growing with organic methods.  When you buy our flowers, you are enabling us to grow over 100 different varieties of plants, which is a great land use when it comes to preservation and ecological benefits (you should see all the insects we encounter during the season!).

Most flowers bought in stores or at florists are largely sourced from South America or other far away places.  This makes a large environmental footprint, using fuel and chemicals in abundance.  By buying locally, you reduce this nonsense and put money into your local economy.   It’s a win-win.

Our little business is woman owned.  I am privileged that I am able to do a job that I love. There is hard work, dedication and love all intertwined on this farm.  This season we're able to build a team of employees who are also passionate about this work.  When you buy our flowers, you are letting us follow our passion and grow as people.  For this we are so grateful!

So when you think flowers, may it be for your upcoming wedding, for a weekly pick me up, or for a holiday gift, please think about Tierra Blooms!  You will not only be getting a bundle of lovely, you will be supporting so much more!

Awesome anemones coming at ya for Valentines!!

Awesome anemones coming at ya for Valentines!!

How to get our flowers:

Flower CSA – If you are a weekly or semi weekly flower buyer, the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Bouquet Share is for you!  Community Supported Agriculture programs are just that, a community that supports a farm.  Last year we had about 30 CSA Members.  Members pay before the season starts for farm product distributed through the growing season.  In our case, members receive a large market bouquet every week (whole share) or every other week (half share) for 16 weeks from June – September.   This is great if you frequently buy flowers or you want to have more flowers in your life!  It also makes a wonderful gift. 

Valentines Special!  If you buy a Whole or Half CSA share before February 14th, we will give you a free Sweet Little Bouquet on Valentine’s Day!  If the share is a present, we’ll also include a card describing your most unique and thoughtful gift.

Valentines Day Flowers - This Valentine’s Day we are offering flowers that were grown by our colleagues here on the East Coast, who have heated greenhouses!  We aspire to heating greenhouse space to grow flowers in the winter, but we’re not quite there yet.  For now we will patronize our other local growers who have mastered this not so easy task.

Valentine’s Day Ordering – How it works

Pre-order online to reserve your flowers for pick up at Jeannie Bird Baking Company on 2/14/18 from 11 am - 1 pm.  The Bakery will have a special V day menu if you also want to pick up a sumptuous sweet to knock it out of the ballpark.

The Big Love Bundle will include 30 stems of very special flowers, including anemones, tulips, stock, snapdragons, and beautiful foliage.  Flower colors will be pastels and they will be double wrapped in a beautiful paper flower cone.

The Sweet Little Bouquet will include 15 stems of specialty flowers, including anemone, tulips, stock, snapdragons and beautiful foliage.  Pastel colors & double wrapped in a beautiful paper cone.

As our official season opening draws closer in April, we'll touch base on some other places to get our flowers!  Stay warm, think spring, and savor all the seasons!