Valentine's Day Gifts from Tierra Blooms

It's February, the month of love!  This season, when you think flowers for your special someone, consider spreading the local love from Tierra Blooms. 

Yes, you could grab a bouquet from the closest grocery store to give to your sweetheart as a token of your love, but with that bouquet comes some questionable ethics that you probably haven't even thought of.  We have a few local options that are sure to bring excitement and beauty into your lovers life.

It's true that we don't have flowers blooming now to give, but with each of the following gifts you will receive a beautiful gift card to present to the recipient that holds the promise of the freshest, most fragrant seasonal blooms that they could wish for.  What a refreshing thought on this cold winters day!

Gifting Options Include:

Spring Ephemerals CSA Bouquet Share - New!  This subscription option is designed to celebrate Spring!  For 4 weeks from mid April to mid May, receive a large bouquet chock full of our favorite flowers.  Ranunculus, anemone, tulips and peonies steal the show during this brief window of the growing season. 

Flower CSA Bouquet Subscription - Whole Share
16 weeks of fresh, local flowers for your love.  The ultimate gift that gives for 16 weeks (!) during the growing season.  Starting in June and running through September, your special someone will pick up 1 large market bouquet per week for 16 weeks.

Flower CSA Bouquet Subscription - Half Share
8 weeks of fresh, local flowers!  From June-September the recipient will receive one large market bouquet every other week.  Click the link above for details.

Gift Cards
Tierra Blooms is now offering gift cards which can be used at our farm stand at The Downtown Westminster Farmer's Market or used towards any of our CSA options.  We can send your gift card directly to the recipient with a message or these can be sent to you for direct giving.

You and your loves can feel extra warm and fuzzy knowing you’ve hit a home run for Valentine’s Day AND supported our little flower farm.  Make sure to send your love a link to our website so they know where there gift is coming from!


This week on the farm

This last week of December brings us some seriously fluctuating weather.  Yesterday was 70 degrees, a record high, and today is 45 and raining.  It has been disturbingly mild, save for a short cold spell in November.  It was enough of a chill period to send the buds on the trees into dormancy, and this warm snap was enough to trigger them to break bud.  Driving down the street in Westminster today we saw pink cherry blossoms flourishing in the chilly mist.  This is not good news for the fruit farmers.  I also wonder what it means for us with all the bulbs that we planted.  I have a feeling we should be fine, as it looks like winter is here now, or at least coming in the next week.

On the farm in yesterday's mild weather I was able to get out and finish up some planting that was lingering.  Some Austin Roses and a few straggler Peonies went in outside and I continue to plug away with the Anemone planting in the greenhouse.  Now it's time to buckle down with seed inventorying, ordering and planning for the new year to come.

We've certainly been enjoying a restful holiday break, too.  Visiting family and friends and spending time with the kids have been highlights.  I hope you had a wonderful holiday and a have a very healthy and happy New Year!

This week on the farm

Things have slowed down rapidly this Thanksgiving week.  We've been working hard to get all the fall planting done and are finally feeling mostly finished.  The list was long of what went in the ground over the past month.  We've been focusing on adding a lot of perennials to our gardens which will produce flowers for many years, without having to replant.  We have also planted thousands of bulbs and corms; tulips, ranunculus, and anemone among them.  Dahlias are lifted and tucked into our root cellar.  There are still a few more loose ends to tie, but it's all feeling a bit more doable now.  Coming down from this whirlwind of a season, I am so grateful for this little bit of downtime!